Provisional Psychology Registration Support

Are you struggling to keep up with your provisional psychology registration?

Positive Wellbeing Psychology has a special interest in supporting early career psychologists in managing anxiety and stress that is commonly surrounding the psychology registration pathways. Often psychologists with provisional registration experience heightened levels of stress and anxiety in their placement. This is not uncommon. It is evident that the early stages of registration as a psychologist in Australia can increase anxiety and stress levels from time to time due to the extensive learning.


When to reach out for support in the psychology registration pathway?

The journey of becoming a registered psychologist in Australia requires new learnings, as well as being assessed and graded a Board-Approved Supervisor and AHPRA. Our Psychologists have a special interest in supporting psychologists with provisional psychology registration. It may be beneficial to reach out if you are struggling to balance your work and home life due to your provisional psychology registration.

You may benefit from additional support in the following areas: 

> Professional- and self-development needs

> Improving wellbeing and self-care

> Difficulty within the workplace

> Doubting skills or level of competency or perhaps worth within your internship role impacting your experience

> Perfectionism and setting unattainable standards resulting in increased stress and anxiety, among other symptoms

> Job or study dissatisfaction

> Feeling of ‘stuck-ness’ and feeling increased uncertainty on how to make a change

> Stress and burn-out, as well as inability to switch off

> Struggling from an overactive mind at night due to finishing late with clients or work in general

> Life transitions and adjustment difficulties in a new role

> Emotional difficulties and feeling exhausted in your role

> Difficulty getting to sleep or disrupted sleep

> Panic attacks and anxiety within the workplace

How can Positive Wellbeing Psychology help?

Positive Wellbeing Psychology has a special interest in working with psychologists undertaking their provisional registration to help improve self-esteem, performance and workplace relationships. Our psychology practice works with the provisional psychologists to help reduce stress and burnout within the workplace setting.

Our experienced psychologists are familiar with the 4+2 and 5+1 Internship Pathway and the Psychology Board requirements to becoming a registered Psychologist in Australia. With a GP referral you can access a Medicare rebate (click here for information on Medicare rebates).


What are other resources that can assist me?

> Read more on the Psychology Board core competencies of the 4+2 and 5+1 Internship Programs (click here).

> Additional services for the Internship Program (click here).

Make An Appointment

Our Psychologists have a special interest in supporting early career psychologists undertaking their provisional psychology registration. Telehealth and In-Person appointments available with one of our Melbourne Psychologist during the day, after-hours and on weekends.