Adult ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment with an Experienced Psychologist

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that represents a natural variation in the human brain. We acknowledge and embrace diverse neurological pathways, adopting a strength-based perspective, and recognising neurodiversity as a natural variation in brain processing rather than viewing it as a disorder or disability. You’re in the right place if you’re seeking a neuroaffirming psychologist in Melbourne with a special interest in symptoms management or ADHD testing and diagnosis for adults.

ADHD and when to seek support

What are the signs and symptoms of ADHD?

  • Attention difficulties during lengthy tasks or conversations
  • Misplacing belongings
  • Executive function challenges
  • Emotional regulation issue
  • Impulsivity such as making unnecessary or unplanned purchases
  • Impulsivity with food choices or feeling lose of control (binge eating patterns) 
  • Disorganisation and prioritisation problems
  • Time management difficulties and always running late 
  • Trouble with task focus and multitasking
  • Reduced tolerance for frustration
  • Frequent mood shifts
  • Struggles with task completion and follow-through
  • Tendencies toward irritability or lack of tolerance
  • Coping difficulties during stress
  • Frequent fatigue, exhaustion, or burnout 
  • Variability in relationships or relationship challenges
  • Challenges in academic or work settings

When should you consider seeing a psychologist?

Are symptoms – Persistent, Pervasive and causing Impairment?


For example, if you find that symptoms persist relentlessly, accompanying you from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, and if they seem to infiltrate every facet of your life, reaching out is important due to the impact this can have on daily tasks and functioning. When symptoms begin to cause impairment, whether it’s affecting your emotional well-being, causing discomfort, or even imposing a significant financial or physical burden, it’s time to seek professional guidance.

Consulting with a psychologist who has a special interest in ADHD testing and diagnosis for adults is a step toward understanding and managing these challenges. Our team of highly skilled psychologists at our Melbourne psychology practice has a special interest in ADHD, and our psychologists have undergone further training in ADHD assessment and therapy. We are here to offer the expertise and support you require to address the unique and complex challenges associated with ADHD in adulthood.

What are the common referrals concerns for ADHD assessment requests?

  • Difficulties maintaining daily routine tasks and responsibilities
  • Ongoing patterns of burnout cycles correlating with life transitions
  • Variability in relationships or relationship challenges
  • Challenges in academic or work settings
  • Diminished self-esteem impacting self-worth 
  • Hypersensitivity to criticism or rejection also known as rejection-sensitive dysphoria
  • Under-performing at work
  • Repeating units or classes as a result of concentration problems
  • Difficulty doing homework
  • Comments from tutors about behaviour or concentration
  • Relationship problems, lots of arguments, lack of intimacy
  • Problems with sexuality as a result of symptoms
  • Financial problems or gambling
  • Not daring to start a relationship
  • Little contact with family on account of conflicts

What to expect from seeing a psychologist?

In therapy, we work collaboratively with you to set meaningful goals that address mental health concerns, nurture the growth of a positive self-identity, and foster the development of self-advocacy skills. Our approach focuses on empowering you to navigate the challenges associated with ADHD, facilitating personal growth, and enhancing your overall well-being.


Whilst our psychologists adopt a strength-based approach, we understand that at times, the alignment between an individual with ADHD and their environment can present significant challenges that hinder optimal functioning. This may result in areas requiring additional support.

How is therapy targeted to my individual strengths and difficulties?

Our approach involves a thorough exploration of each individual’s distinctive cognitive profile and how ADHD symptoms influence their daily life. We apply Thomas Brown’s model, which assesses six executive function clusters: activation, focus, effort, emotion, memory, and action. This model allows us to assess the degree of difficulty in these areas and craft a personalised therapeutic plan accordingly.

Consulting a skilled psychologist can help with ADHD testing, diagnosis, and symptom management for adults. The assessment process in adulthood often brings relief as individuals understand the reasons behind their challenges, enabling self-compassion and the development of coping strategies across life’s stages.

What is the treatment approach to managing symptoms of ADHD?

Evidence-based treatment for ADHD typically includes two treatment approaches: medication and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The use of medication in conjunction with CBT has been shown to be highly efficacious in reducing core ADHD symptoms and minimising their impact on daily life.

How to access medication options after the ADHD assessment?

Upon receiving an ADHD diagnosis, medication may be considered as part of the treatment plan. It’s important to understand that only GPs, following an evaluation by a psychiatrist, or a psychiatrist, can prescribe ADHD medication.


We recommend psychiatrists who typically offer appointments within a 10-12 business days, following our ADHD testing and diagnosis for adults. It’s important to also highlight that managing symptoms of ADHD without medication is a valid choice, and you can explore alternative approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and various behavioural techniques.

Do you need more immediate help?

If you need immediate help or your life is in danger, please call ‘triple zero’ (000). If you are thinking of harming yourself, it is important to reach out for immediate support. If someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, please also call ‘triple zero’ (000) as a matter of urgency.


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How can Positive Wellbeing Psychology help?

At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, our experienced Melbourne psychologists have a special interest in ADHD and guiding individuals through management of self-regulation, improving self-acceptance and self-esteem, emotion dysregulation and daily functioning using evidence-based approaches including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.  

ADHD symptoms can change and may be concealed in adulthood, often making them harder to assess. We recommend consulting an experienced psychologist for ADHD assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based therapy. 

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At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we offer flexible appointments with our psychologists during the day, evening, or weekends, both in-person at our Melbourne psychology practice or online via telehealth.

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Our team of psychologists hold full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and adhere to ethical guidelines as mandated by the Psychologists Registration Board and Australian Psychological Society. Our clinical practice is grounded in evidence-based treatment approaches, ensuring comprehensive support for ADHD testing in adults, accurate diagnosis, and effective therapy to successfully manage ADHD symptoms.