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Positive Wellbeing Psychology, is a Melbourne boutique, thriving and progressive psychology practice nestled in the inner-easter suburb of Malvern. We strive to continually improve our practice, to provide an exceptional working environment, where our psychologists feel valued, part of a community and truly supported. 

Are you looking for an exceptional private practice to call home?

We’re looking for early, mid, or late career psychologists (clinical or general registered), accredited mental health social workers, couples therapists, mental health occupational therapists, psychiatrists, and GP mental health specialists to join our growing team on a generous and highly competitive service agreement.

We take care of our practitioners, so that they can take care of their clients.


Our values

The Clinic Director and Principal Psychologist, Emily Burton, established Positive Wellbeing Psychology on a foundation of values that hold deep meaning to her, including:

• Warmth
• Genuine care
• Integrity

How we can support you

Private practice can be isolating. By joining our psychology practice, you’ll feel very well supported and valued. A few ways that our psychology practice provide this level of support, have been included below:


Ongoing Supporting Team Environment: A rare role in private practice where you will continue to learn about new presentations by means of fortnightly peer consultation and training opportunities.


Professional Growth and Learning Pathways: Our current psychologists tend to hold a unique passion for an area of interest. These currently include ADHD, autism, eating disorders or disordered eating, poor body image, and specialised therapeutic methodologies like DBT, CBT, and Gottman’s, among others. This presents an invaluable opportunity for growth and learning. At present, we’re broadening our offerings to encompass once-off assessments for clients. This presents a chance for learning and advancement in diverse assessment methods tailored to clients exhibiting potential neurodiversity, should this be of interest.


Tailored Support in a Boutique Practice: Our boutique practice is unique for a private practice setting in the sense that you will have full access to support rather than leaving you isolated or working independently, which may be the case in a Sole Contractor role. We consist of a small team of diverse psychologists, each with unique interests. Some join with specialties, while others develop their niches over time with the support and guidance available from the role.


Matching Referrals to Psychologists Interest: Being a small-scale private practice, our psychologists are supported to refine their skills through receiving referrals that align with their specific areas of interest. Alternatively, should you be an early-career psychologist, our practice allows you to access a wide array of referrals parallel to peer consultation to continue developing the necessary experience before landing your specific area of interest.


Support for Early Career Psychologist: Our clinic director, Emily, fosters this individual growth and offers guidance to early-career psychologists, which leads to refining your expertise in specific areas over time. Discover your strengths, refine your focus, and receive support in our practice!


Continuous Referral Stream: Positive Wellbeing Psychology maintains a consistent flow of referrals, a testament to our highly skilled psychologists. We’re committed to regular peer consultations and support to uphold the high standard of care for our team of psychologists, ultimately benefiting our clients.

Who we work with

Our team of psychologists offer psychological support to adolescents, adults, children and their families who are facing diverse mental health challenges, spanning from depression, anxiety, stress, and burnout to relationship issues, eating disorders, body image concerns, adult ADHD,  low self-esteem, and sleep problems.


Our services available at our Melbourne psychology practice extend beyond clinical concerns, encompassing personal growth, decision-making, and problem-solving support. Our practice directs client referrals based on your expertise and interests, ensuring that individuals seeking assistance aligned with your specific niche are directed to you.


Referral Sources: 

Our referrals come from word of mouth, local and distant GPs, and AFL-PA (including current and former professional Australian Football League and AFL Women’s players). Funding options also include self-managed NDIS participants, Medicare-funded, and private fee-paying clients. Our reputable practice empowers psychologists to establish themselves within a rapidly growing referral network.


Collaborative Approach:

At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we are known for our collaborative approach. Our Melbourne psychology practice has a unique reputation for establishing a holistic approach, which in turn seems to have supported our referral flow from like-minded professionals. We actively encourage psychologists joining our team to collaborate with connected dietitians, GPs, and psychiatrists, aiming to ensure the most comprehensive clinical care for our clients.

Social gatherings

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to share a laugh and connect with other professionals on our team at breakfasts, paint-and-sip’s, local wine bars catch-up’s and fortnightly peer consultations. These opportunities aim to nurture a supportive and inclusive environment for our team to connect and interact with like-minded people.

Our consulting space

Positive Wellbeing Psychology is a Melbourne Psychology practice nestled in the charming Inner-Eastern suburb of Malvern. Our inviting room boasts north-facing floor-to-ceiling windows, filling the space with warm sunlight. Enjoy the convenience of excellent coffee shops just steps away, perfect for a refreshing break between client sessions.


Our space is light, minimal, and just a stone throw away from amazing coffee shops! A big passion of mine (Emily here), is to create beautiful spaces that allow the mind to feel calm and motivated to get about the day. I enjoy nothing more than sharing this space with our psychologists and clients. Our rooms are bright and super cosy, welcoming and always busy with someone around for a chat at reception.

Here’s what we’re looking for

We’re looking for early, mid, or late career psychologists (clinical or general registered), accredited mental health social workers, couples therapists, mental health occupational therapists, psychiatrist and GP mental health specialists.


Here’s what we’re looking for:

1. For psychologists, you will be required to be fully registered with AHPRA as a psychologist. Endorsement is desirable but not required. Provisional psychologists may apply who are 2-3 months off obtaining full registration

2. Individuals who have experience in an area of special interest are desirable (these areas may include eating disorders, Adult ADHD, couples, families, DBT approach, children and youth) but are not required.

3. Keen interest in learning and partaking in reflective practice.

4. An appropriate work-from-home setup, including a high-speed internet connection and a computer/laptop/tablet to provide a mix of F2F and Telehealth.

5. Eligible for and willing to obtain a Medicare Provider Number (except if you are a couples therapist)

6. Professional and public indemnity insurance.

7. Current police check

8. Capacity to see clients at least two days a week

9. Eligibility to apply for an ABN

10. Commitment to continue with individual supervision and ongoing professional development

11. Genuine desire to connect with others in our team and be an active member of our supportive team

12. Longer-term commitment to provide provide stable, reliable and consistent support to clients


Any questions we haven’t answered?
We welcome individuals who are making a deliberate and thoughtful choice in becoming a part of our team. We highly value applicants who show genuine curiosity about our processes and possess a clear vision of what they are seeking. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at Your proactive approach is appreciated and respected.

Here we share some reflections from our psychologist:

In our quest to offer prospective professionals and psychologists a genuine glimpse into life at Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we asked questions to our team. This also allows us to continually improve our practices to meet the needs of our highly talented team. Some of what we find valuable and at the core of our progressive private practice was explored including: (Q) pivotal aspects such as career entry points; (Q) the support experienced across their time and in some instances the experience during the introduction to private practice; (Q) any standout features during their time at PWP; (Q) the level of flexibility of support; (Q) the effectiveness of the client intake process; and (Q) the alignment of referral matches with evolving interests.

These insights have been shared below with the aim of providing a guide to individuals looking for a private practice home. We’re sharing these words to help individuals find a private practice that is attuned to their needs and values.

To express your interest, please share the following:

Psychologist Jobs

believe in change and reach progress with a Melbourne psychologist

Positive Wellbeing Psychology currently has jobs available for an experienced psychologist to join our team. Our team of psychologists hold full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and adhere to ethical guidelines as mandated by the Psychologists Registration Board and the Australian Psychological Society. At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, our Melbourne psychology practice has jobs available for an exceptional psychologist to join our team!