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At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we do not offer bulk billing.


Am I eligible for the Medicare rebate?

You are eligible for a Medicare rebate when you have a valid GP referral with a Mental Health Treatment Plan (factsheet available here). When arranging your GP appointment, we recommend requesting a double-appointment to ensure you’re not rushed. Your GP can discuss your eligibility for either a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan for up to 10 individual sessions per year; Eating Disorder Management Plan for up to 40 sessions per year; or the Chronic Disease Management Plan for up to 5 sessions per year .


What about the Additional 10 MBS Mental Health Sessions?

From 9 October 2020 until 30 June 2022, 10 additional individual psychological therapy sessions, previously available only to people whose movement was restricted by a state or territory public health order, are now available each calendar year to all eligible patients under the existing Better Access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and General Practitioners through the MBS (Better Access) initiative.

To access the factsheet, please click here.


What is the private fee option?

Some clients prefer to pay privately, or use their private health insurance.


Am I eligible for private rebates? 

Your level of private rebate is subject to your level of cover and extra’s for allied health. We recommend contacting your private health provider to enquire about your level of cover.


What if I have private health but it does not cover telehealth?

You may wish to switch to a private health insurance provider to allow you to claim a telehealth rebate. Some private health providers are currently waving the 6-month waiting period, which means you can claim sessions straight away.


Why would I not use a GP referral with a mental health care plan?

You may have access to private health and prefer this option due to convenience. Perhaps you do not want to visit your GP for initial eligibility assessment of the mental health care plan. Perhaps you have already used 10 sessions in the calendar year. It is your personal choice and we support you, all we do is change the invoice code so let us know your preference.


How to arrange the EAP?

Businesses are welcome to contact Positive Wellbeing Psychologist to discuss fee options and packages.


Your company may already have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with Positive Wellbeing Psychology, which means a number of sessions will be fully funded for EAP consultations. You can check with your company if they already have an account with us and confirm how many sessions are covered under the EAP package.


If your company does not have an account with our practice, you can request an EAP package to be set up for your individual needs by passing on our contact information (info@positivewellbeingpsychology.com.au). A friendly member of our team will be get back to your company to discuss a package that suits the company and the individuals’ needs.


What are the benefit of EAP package?

The research indicates EAP is a vital service for businesses, by providing support to their employees to increase their wellbeing staff morale and retention, as well as working to reduce absenteeism, conflict and occupational stress.


We provide services for Self-Managed and Plan-Managed NDIS funding. At this time we do not provide services for NDIS-Managed funding.


What we provide: 

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, you may be able to access Capacity Building, Daily Activities – Improved Daily Living Skills – Therapeutic Supports, which includes Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or Training (including AT) by a Psychologist (Support Item Reference Number: 15_054_0128_1_3).


Our skilled NDIS psychologists can help you

  • Identify and work towards new goals
  • Find relief from negative feelings
  • Feel more independent
  • Reduce the impact of anxiety and depression in your life
  • Find new tools and techniques for coping with challenges
  • Improve your social skills to develop and enhance your relationships


What can you expect from your NDIS psychologist?

We focus on your individual needs and goals, which are explored together in our first session. We understand you are leading the way in your journey, but you are also the expert in your life experiences. We are here to listed and provide strategies that can be used day-to-day to empower you.

In our first session, we usually begin to explore what it is that you would like to achieve in our time together. We identify your strengths, interests and goals. We find this early discussion allows us to provide you with the support and skills you are looking for in our time together.


How to make an appointment?

Please fill your details via our ‘Make an Appointment‘ (click here) section of our website to hear back from our friendly support team. Alternatively, you can sent us an email enquiry at info@positivewellbeingpsychology.com.au or call us on (03) 9939 2111.


Please let us know once you are registered with the NDIS, and when you have allocated funds for Capacity Building within your plan.  You can arrange an appointment if your NDIS plan is being managed by yourself or ‘plan managed’ by a third party agency. You will also need to provide your participant number, and your NDIS plan dates. To find our if you are eligible for NDIS funding please visit read more here.

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Telehealth and In-Person appointments are available for our Psychologist and Counselling Services at Positive Wellbeing Psychology during the day and after hours.