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Our telehealth sessions are conducted through video consultation or phone calls, establishing a visual or audio connection between you and your psychologist. Our team of psychologists are dedicated to assisting our clients in creating a suitable telehealth psychology setting for their online clinical sessions. At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we offer telehealth psychology services delivered by our online psychologists, providing you with the opportunity to engage in psychotherapy from the comfort of your chosen environment, be it your home or workplace.

Is Telehealth Effective with Online Psychologists?

As psychologists in clinical practice, we often hear the question “How does speaking to an online psychologist via Telehealth compare to in person therapy?”

Research findings have suggested that therapy conducted via phone or video connections is similar in effectiveness and outcome to more traditional in-person sessions with a psychologist. Interestingly, some studies even suggest that certain clients may find online therapy more comfortable, as it can alleviate feelings of shame and embarrassment when addressing challenging issues (Simpson & Read, 2014).


Specifically, research highlights that the crucial therapeutic relationship, known as the working alliance between the client and psychologist, can be effectively established during online therapy sessions (Backhaus et al., 2012).


Additionally, in a systematic review conducted by Cook and Doyle 2015, it was suggested that video consultations are effective in various therapeutic formats and with diverse client populations. Telehealth has been associated with high user satisfaction and demonstrates similar clinical outcomes to traditional face-to-face psychotherapy.


Drawing from these research findings, it is evident that online psychological support can be as effective as in-person therapy sessions. At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we recognise the importance of tailoring our therapeutic approach to individual preferences and beliefs, ensuring that our clients receive the support that aligns with their unique needs.

Telehealth, as a mode of therapy, has been embraced to eliminate barriers for all Australians and empower individuals to seek positive changes in their lives.

Why is Telehealth a Common Choice?

Today, telehealth is still utilised for individuals who wake up with a headache, a slight runny nose, or feel a cold coming on— telehealth psychology continues to contribute to our collective well-being.


Moreover, telehealth is a valuable resource that provides our clients with flexibility and convenience. Speaking to a psychologist online has been an option for some time; however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicare extended its coverage to include online psychology services conducted via telehealth, both through phone or video consultations. Medicare had previously reserved rebates for in-person visits only.


It’s important to acknowledge that all telehealth psychological consultations conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic have played a crucial role in reducing the risk of virus transmission. Our responsibilities as psychologists extend to assessing the risk of harm to both our clients and others. By utilising telehealth, we’ve been able to implement additional safety measures to minimise the potential exposure to the virus.


In addition, it’s not uncommon for individuals to face challenges when prioritising their mental health consultations. Factors such as long working hours, shift work, childcare responsibilities, busy lifestyles, geographical constraints, or simply the desire for a more convenient and private experience can make it difficult to attend in-person sessions.


For more information, please about speaking to a psychologist online from anywhere in Australia, please visit our dedicated FAQ section focused on on everything Telehealth.


How can Positive Wellbeing Psychology help?

At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, you can speak with an experienced online psychologist in Australia trained in evidence-based approaches including cognitive-behavioural therapy.

If you require immediate assistance or believe that your life is in danger, please call ‘triple zero’ (000). If you are contemplating self-harm, it is crucial to seek immediate support. If someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, please also call ‘triple zero’ (000) urgently.  

How can you set up an ideal environment for your online psychological consultation?

1. Selecting the Right Device:

Choosing the most suitable technology is crucial for a seamless experience. We highly recommend using laptops or iPads due to their flexibility and ease of positioning.


2. Optimal Positioning:

Proper device placement significantly impacts comfort and the session’s ambiance. Factors such as lighting, background, and the need for a table or floor space should be considered. To enhance your comfort, have a small table nearby with a warm beverage like tea or coffee. If you ever feel distracted during the session, holding a warm cup can help ground you. Ensure good lighting for clear visibility. Don’t forget to assess the background, as it may be visible to the psychologist.


3. Choosing the Right Location:

Identify the ideal location based on your goals, whether it’s at home, school, work, or a community space. Regardless of your choice, ensure minimal disruptions during the session. It’s advisable to inform your partner, children, or colleagues that you’ll be on a private or important call.


4. Preparation is Key:

While Positive Wellbeing Psychology will ensure you feel comfortable and ready for your session well in advance, we recommend preparing in advance. Consider any resources you might need, such as thought diaries, food monitoring records, worksheets, or journals for between-session tasks.


5. Handling Technical Challenges:

Though rare with our experienced psychologists, technical difficulties can occur despite our strong Wi-Fi connections. If a video conference drops out, rest assured that your psychologist at Positive Wellbeing Psychology will ensure the session proceeds smoothly. In such cases, you will receive a phone call on your mobile number via a private number.


6. Use of Digital Resources

Telehealth via video allows our psychologists to utilise digital resources during the session. Through screen sharing, we can easily share PDFs, videos, apps, and webpages on your screen. If you are a visual learner, feel free to ask your psychologist to screen-share during your session. Our clients have provided positive feedback on this functionality and find it valuable during their sessions.


7. Minimising Disturbances:

Select an environment for your telehealth consultation where distractions and interruptions are unlikely. It’s essential to avoid distractions from children or others requiring attention during the therapy session. Remember to turn off phones and any other devices not needed for therapy. If you anticipate potential interruptions, openly discuss your concerns and plan with your psychologist on how to address such situations.


8. Make Time Afterwards: 

Plan for some brief quiet time after each session before returning to your regular activities. For children or young individuals, psychologists will consider the potential presence of an adult, parent, or caregiver and manage the child’s privacy. This may involve a discussion with the young person and their parent or caregiver during the initial session, where confidentiality limitations will also be addressed.

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At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, our Melbourne psychology practice offers both in-person sessions and online counselling in Melbourne. Our flexible appointment times and online enquiry system allow you to begin your therapy journey after being matched with the best Melbourne psychologist for your individual needs. Should we not be able to assist, we also provide external recommendations.

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Our team of psychologists hold full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and adhere to ethical guidelines as mandated by the Psychologists Registration Board and Australian Psychological Society. Our clinical practice is grounded in evidence-based treatment approaches, with appointments available with an online psychologist anywhere in Australia.

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