Find the Best Therapists and Psychologists in Melbourne
At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we are Melbourne-based Psychologist experienced in the psychology treatment for adolescents and adults. Our warm and caring psychologists establish a strong therapeutic alliance early in therapy, by exploring goals, personal strengths to create a safe and supportive therapy setting that fosters trust and forthright communication. Talk to a psychologist from the comfort and privacy of your own home and device. After hour appointments available.
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FAQ: Getting Started: Seeing A Psychologist in Melbourne or Australia Wide


In your initial session, you can usually expect a warm and caring psychologist to:

  • Start off by introducing himself/herself as well as help settle any nerves you may be experiencing.
  • Introduce therapy as a confidential and safe place to unpack any thoughts, feelings, behaviours that are causing distress in your life.
  • Explain the two exceptions to confidentiality; (1) risk of harm to yourself or someone else; or (2) court-mandated requests. You will be asked if there are any legal issues pending and questions answered.
  • Allow you time to share your concerns and discuss what brings you into therapy.
  • Enquire about relevant history and past treatments and concerns you may have.
  • Explain how sessions with a psychologist will typically work and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Explore proven therapy approaches and techniques that may be useful and gathering any feedback using a collaborative approach.
  • Collaboratively set goals, instil hope and explore what you may like to specifically work towards and achieve in sessions together.
  • Recommendation on treatment plan and frequency of sessions subject to your individualised needs and preferences.
  • Option to schedule up to six sessions to start with to create structure and routine in upcoming treatment.
  • Wrapping up the session with discussing something nice you may do for yourself after your initial session.


After your initial session, your psychologist will book you in for six appointments in advance to ensure you have a regular place with our clinic. At your third or fourth appointment, you and your psychologist will review your progress and discuss any future plans.


At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we provide brief solution focused or longer-term therapy, depending on your individualised treatment plan, therapy goals, needs and preferences.


The progression of therapy depends on a number of factors. A few factors may include: the individuals immediate support network, learnt coping (and maladaptive coping) strategies, level of engagement in session and ability to apply strategies outside of session, attitude and motivation to treatment, as well as the complexity of the issue/s presented.


Each session runs for 1 hour; with the last 10 minutes used by the psychologist to write their clinical notes.


Same day appointments are sometimes available upon request and daytime appointments are generally available within 7 days. After hours appointments can 7 to 14 days, depending on our availability. If your preference is being seen as soon as possible, you can request first available time slot and also ask to be added to our cancellation list. Usually, we contact you for the earlier time slot with 24 to 72 hours notice.


For all new clients, we ask your preference using our Online Contact Form (new clients please click here) to ensure we can meet your request. We also provide recommendations on the frequency of sessions in line with your discussed therapy goals. This is usually done at the end of your initial session.


At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we typically recommend weekly sessions when starting out because we find this helpful in keeping the momentum between your first and second session. This can be moved to fortnightly, or monthly depending on the level of goal progression, your needs as well as your preferences. Please note the frequency of therapy sessions are discussed directly with your psychologist and will depend on your needs.


As there can often be a wait list at Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we diligently hold weekly or fortnightly appointments for existing clients. This is designed to avoid any disruption and disappointment. At your previous appointment, you are asked to confirm or reschedule these appointments.


To enquire about an appointment with Positive Wellbeing Psychology, please complete our Online Contact Form (new clients, please click here). We’ll be in touch shortly to answer any of your questions.


If you need immediate help or your life is in danger, please call ‘triple zero’ (000). If you are thinking of harming yourself, it is important to reach out for immediate support. If someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, please also call ‘triple zero’ (000) as a matter of urgency.

For more information on immediate supports, please click here.