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Our Melbourne Psychologist provide online telehealth consults via phone and video with in the privacy of your own home or device. Medicare rebates available under the Medicare scheme (Mental Health Treatment Plan, Chronic Disease Management Plan, and the Eating Disorder Management Plan.
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Make a Referral

Our team of registered psychologists welcome referrals by general practitioners, psychiatrist, a range of allied health professionals, NDIS support coordinators, NDIS plan-managers, case managers, carers and self-referrals. We accept referrals under the Medicare Better Access Scheme (e.g., Mental Health Treatment Plan), ATAPS, NDIS plan-managers and other third-party agencies.

Referrals can be forwarded to:

We are a warm and caring private practice that is committed to reducing life’s barriers to accessing support via providing online psychology. We deliver high-quality online psychology to adolescents and adults to improve their mood, self-esteem, relationships, performance goals and overall life satisfaction. Our skilled psychologists adopt only evidence-based therapies and techniques shown in research to improve mental health and wellbeing. By referring to Positive Wellbeing Psychology practice, you are connecting individuals with a skilled psychologist from anywhere in Australia.

Making a referral

Under the Australian Governments Better Access initiative, eligible patients can access Medicare rebates for up to 10 individual psychological treatment services in a calendar year. The Chronic Disease Management Plan can provide Medicare rebates for up to 5 individual psychological treatment services in a calendar year. The Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plan can provide up to 40 individual psychological treatment services in a calendar year and 20 dietetics services.


Under ATAPS, eligible patients can receive Medicare rebates for up to 12 individual psychological treatment services in a calendar year, with an additional six sessions in exceptional circumstances.

why to refer to us

Our practice adopts a number of measures to provide best practice and client outcomes. We endeavour to:

Increase the likelihood of a strong therapeutic relationship through our pre-treatment intake process. This process allows the psychologist to prepare and to focus on establishing a warm and trusting setting in the initial session.

Use reliable and valid screening tests to clarify mental health concerns on the referral and/or the Health Care Treatment Plan.

Adopt evidence-based treatment approaches that are proven by decades of research to be effective.

Use pre- and post-treatment measures that are proven to track the individuals progress in therapy and to direct future planning and goal setting.

Establish a holistic approach with the individuals General Practitioner (GP) as required.

Provide timely, written communication (within 1-2 days) to the individual's General Practitioner; not limited to acceptance and review letters.

Maintain a waitlist to provide clients with earlier appointments when existing clients cancel.

Respond to booking requests within 24 hours (or earlier) and provide individuals a available timeslot within 7 days, thereby minimising delays in commencing therapy.

Provide online and accessible psychology from the private and confidential setting of the individuals home and device.


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    A client-centered approach to facilitate positive change and to improve overall life satisfaction, relationships, health and wellbeing.