Achieving Goals with a Workplace Psychologist

What is a Workplace Psychologist?

A workplace psychologist can support you in achieving a balance, whilst reaching your performance and career goals. Perhaps you are interested in developing yourself further within the workplace including the focus on education and learning to achieve and maintain professional credentials. Often adapting to new knowledge within the workplace and taking on additional responsibilities, results in an increased level of stress for most individuals. This can be more evident when starting a new role. Learning skills to manage your stress in a more effective way is fundamental, especially when feeling overwhelmed.

Stress within the Workplace:

It can be hard to wind down at the end of the day. It is not uncommon to find the mind overthinking and worrying excessively about workplace difficulties or jumping to conclusions. Individuals in this overwhelmed and anxious state often find their mind thinking up ways to get out of the role – avoiding tasks and procrastination. Perhaps the ‘inner-critic’ is activated – sounding a lot like the “not good enough story”.

Stress and Burnout:

A workplace psychologist may be beneficial to help reduce stress and burnout. Excessive stress occurs when you perceive a lack of your own ability, resources and/or support to cope with the stress and demands in your life. This can impact on a number of other areas in life including sleep, leisure time, interpersonal relationships as well as mood, just to name a few.

You may benefit from additional support in the following areas:

> Professional- and self-development needs
> Improving wellbeing and self-care
> Difficulty within the workplace
> Doubting skills or level of competency or perhaps worth within your internship role impacting your experience
> Perfectionism and setting unattainable standards resulting in increased stress and anxiety among other symptoms
> Job or study dissatisfaction
> Feeling of being trapped and feeling increased uncertainty on how to make a change
> Stress, burn-out or inability to switch off
> Struggling from an overactive mind at night due to finishing late with clients or work in general
> Life transitions and adjustment difficulties in a new role
> Emotional difficulties and feeling exhausted in your role
> Difficulty getting to sleep or disrupted sleep
> Panic attacks and anxiety within the workplace

How Can Positive Wellbeing Psychology Help?

Positive Wellbeing Psychology has a niche reputation for working with professionals/workers to improve confidence in their abilities and explore performance goals as well as strengthen workplace relationships with the objective being to establish a sense of achievement, meaning, and life satisfaction. You can feel reassured knowing you are speaking with warm and caring psychologists who understand.


Our Melbourne psychologists in clinical practice are available online and in person Australia wide. By working with a workplace psychologist through these challenges, you will feel empowered and in control as well as start to improve your interpersonal relationships and life satisfaction.

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