Communication Difficulties

Communication is found to rapidly transform conflict and misunderstanding into trust and in some instance intimacy, improving mood, self-esteem, and even interpersonal functioning. You may be able to suddenly change the direction of your life and career by understanding effective communication strategies with a Melbourne-based psychologist at Positive Wellbeing Psychology.

How would this help with communication difficulties?

Most of us can recall one time within our life where we recall struggling to feel connected to another person – perhaps with a friend, colleague, client, or customer, or even a family member. Perhaps you found it a little bit challenging to communicate certain feelings or needs resulting in feelings of frustration or anxiety. You may even recall feeling the person was a little critical of you, complained frequently, avoided expressing his/her feelings, displayed the need to be right all the time, seems to never listens to you, dismiss your feelings – resulting in discomfort.

To begin, you may find it helpful to explore:

> why communication issues may occur,
> working through any distress,
> explore difficulty that occurs because of frequent communication issues.

How can a psychologist help?

A psychologist can help individuals examine communication strategies to determine whether one’s communication style adequately conveys one’s thoughts, needs, and goals. In therapy, individuals who find themselves often engaged in misunderstandings can explore what causes them to misinterpret the viewpoints of others or inaccurately convey their own ideas. Therapy can facilitate the improvement of interpersonal skills by helping individuals to improve the quality, nature, and frequency of their communications.

How can Positive Wellbeing Psychology help?

A dedicated psychologist at Positive Wellbeing Psychology can provide professional recommendations on the type of support beneficial to your goals and needs – ranging from family therapy, couples counselling, or individual therapy.

Our warm and caring psychologists in clinical practice are experienced in a range of proven techniques to help improve social and communication challenges and to explore best approach to improve and maintain interpersonal relationships.

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Our Australian Registered Psychologists are experienced and trained in evidence-based treatment for communication difficulties.


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