Performance in Athletes

What is the impact of stress on performance?

Stress is one of the worst enemies for individuals who practice sports at a competitive or amateur level. Not only the stress that accumulates during physical activity, for example in the pre-race or in the most intense periods of training, but also everything that invests us during the day.

Research findings on performance and psychological treatment approaches to manage stress:

Our psychologists adopt a range of evidence-based practices grounded in neuroscience, cognitive-behavioural theories (CBT), acceptance and mindfulness-based sciences. We enjoy adopting mindfulness-based practice, which is a type of meditation that allows for the reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone. By practicing mindfulness routinely and consistently, we allow our body to learn to relax and manage stressful moment in a healthier way. Research has shown competing under stress to have a negative impact on athletic performance (read full article here). We work with the individual to establish goals and strengths to improve performance and life achievements.

Melbourne Psychologists Experienced in Sports and Performance: Helping Athletes Across All Sports

> Reduce stress and burnout (strengthening the immune system)

> Increase tolerance to pain (improve pain management in injured athletes)

> Improve concentration, memory, and focus

> Improve sleep (sleep hygiene) and recovery times

> Improve endurance

> Become more aware of yourself and your body

> Manage work and life transitions

> Achieve valued life goal

How Can Positive Wellbeing Psychology Help?

You may benefit from talking to a Psychologist to explore proven techniques to improve your mood, performance, and concentration.


At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we provide private and discrete psychological support from the comfort of your own home and device for individuals who practice sports at a competitive or amateur level. Our registered psychologists understand the importance of confidentiality and facilitate this by removing the waiting room experience.


Telehealth and In-Person appointments available with one of our Melbourne Psychologist during the day, after-hours and on weekends.

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