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At Positive Wellbeing Psychology, we are Melbourne-based Psychologist experienced in the psychology treatment for adolescents and adults. Our warm and caring psychologists establish a strong therapeutic alliance early in therapy, by exploring goals, personal strengths to create a safe and supportive therapy setting that fosters trust and forthright communication. Talk to a psychologist from the comfort and privacy of your own home and device. After hour appointments available.
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Melbourne Psychologists in Inner East & Telehealth Australia-wide

Benefits of Telehealth via Videoconference

Did you know research has found therapy via phone or video connection (defined as ‘Telehealth’) is similar to in-person sessions with a Psychologist. Positive Wellbeing Psychology have put together some of these research finding for you in our blog below:


To begin, up-to date evidence based findings have indicated that the outcomes of telepractice is similar to in-person delivery. The research specifically indicated the working alliance or commonly defined as the theraputic relationship between the client and psychologist, is adequately established in therapy delivered online (Backhaus et al,, 2012).

In line with these findings, a systematic review also indicated that video conferencing technology (audio and video information to be shared concurrently across geographical distances), was used and found to be effective in a variety of therapeutic formats and with a diverse range of populations. Telehealth has been found to be generally associated with good user satisfaction and to provide similar clinical outcomes to traditional face-to-face psychotherapy (Cook & Doyle, 2015).

Based on these findings, research has supported that seeing a psychologist online is as effective as face-to-face therapy sessions. Studies have gone further to suggest that some clients feel more comfortable, due to the fact of reducing the feelings of shame and embarrassment, when discussing more challenging issues (Simpson & Read, 2014).


Telehealth is a psychological therapy service available at Positive Wellbeing Psychology, delivered by registered psychologists. This services is delivered via video conference (Zoom) where both a visual and audio link have been established between a client and their psychologist. We consider all measures to ensure clients experience high quality video and audio for the clinical service being provided whilst meeting all privacy obligations.


Discrete and Convenient

Our registered psychologists provide flexibility and convenience to individuals unable to prioritize their own needs due to work long hours, shift work, childcare, busy lifestyles, geographical barriers, or just because they wish to remove the waiting room experience.

Our discrete consulting practice provides Telehealth (video consultation or phone) designed to empower you to live a better life and create change. We support you in the comfort and confidential setting of your own home, office, hotel or hired space.

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 

Our sessions are conducted via Telehealth, with an objective to help reduce the risk of spread at this uncertain time and to make sure we are putting your health first. Our role as psychologists is to assess risk of harm to self, and others. With this in mind, we are implementing all measures to reduce risk to clients and psychologists, by reducing risk of being exposed to the virus.


Yes, until the 30th September 2020, the Government has announced Medicare rebates with a GP referral letter and valid Health Care Treatment Plan.

Read more about fees and rebates here.

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